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Learn about your piano

When calling and evaluating piano movers, it's important to know what type of piano you have, so you can inform your mover and get the most accurate quote. It's a valuable way for you to judge the experience of the mover you're speaking to. Every piano mover must know the difference between the variety of piano shapes, makes, and models. With 40+ years experience, Showtime Moving & Storage has that knowledge and can be of service to you.

Grand Pianos

A staple of hotels and restaurants, these larger pianos exist in 4 main sizes. Baby grand, medium, professional, semi-concert, and concert grand. Grand pianos are a symbol of luxury and culture, and typically have fragile finishes. At Showtime Moving & Storage, we take great care as to preserve the finishes of these often antique pianos, as well as the finishes inside your home.

Upright Piano

These more accessible pianos are more common in homes than their larger counterparts. Don't be fooled by their size, though, they still sound great. They're heavy too. Upright pianos range from Spinet, to Console, to Studio, to classic Upright in height. Player pianos are often upright too, although they can come in grand, and are the heaviest kind of piano.

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